How Do You Pick a Perfect Banquet Hall in Chicago Area

astoria-banquets-chocolate-wedding-chicago-2013-600x227There are several banquet halls offering different amenities and locations in Chicago Area. Whatever event or occasion you are planning, you will surely find a good venue according to your preference.

Choosing the right venue for your event needs some careful planning and scheduling. When scouting for the banquet hall it is advisable to get advanced reservations to make sure you get your preferred date and time. Many wedding reception halls are fully booked for many months ahead. Reserving a year in advance is very typical now.
Here is a list of some of the finest banquet halls located in Chicago Area:



Who Will Walk Me Down the Aisle?

Who Will Walk Me Down the Aisle?

walking-down-the-aisle-600x316-1When my dad died seven weeks before my wedding day I was completely devastated. My whole world froze. Every girl dreams of her daddy walking her down the aisle, giving her away…and now, for one of the most important days of my life he wouldn’t be there. For the rest of my life, all the little joys and the rough times, the birth of my first child and the opening of my bakery, he wouldn’t be there.

It probably was selfish of me to think about things this way, but you have to understand that my dad and I were close…really close. My dad and my mom separated when I was four, (more…)

A Chicago Celtic Handfasting

A Chicago Celtic Handfasting

Chicago_Celtic_Handfasting Not every girl dreams of a big white wedding. Some girls – the ones who grow up in a large Irish family – dream about a traditional Celtic Handfasting. Now, I’m not a pagan by any means, in fact, the handfasting ceremony has come to be associated with neo-paganism when it actually pre-dates the modern traditional wedding ceremony. Have you ever heard the phrase “tying the knot?” That comes from handfasting. Handfasting can be religious or non-religious, anyone who tells you otherwise is historically misinformed. Even in early English manuscripts, when they spoke of Mary (the mother of Jesus) marriage to Joseph, the marriage was described as a handfasting. Obviously, Mary and Joseph never had a traditional Celtic handfasting ceremony, but the description just shows the prevalence of the practice.

Setting the Record Straight

The tradition originated in the British Isles in the early Middle Ages when the religious elders decided to forbid secret marriages. (more…)

The Aquatic Bride – An Ocean Themed Wedding

The Aquatic Bride – An Ocean Themed Wedding

ocean-theme-chicago-weddingI absolutely love water. It may be because I’m a Pisces, or that I grew up along the Gulf Coast of western Florida, but I can’t get enough of it. I had always dreamed of the idea of an underwater wedding someplace exotic, but that being unfeasible in the murky waters of Lake Michigan, I settled for the next best thing – an ocean themed wedding.

A lot of people asked me when I first started the preparations: “So you’re having a beached themed wedding right?” I politely told them no, I was having an ocean themed wedding. The difference? Beaches bring to mind sandals and palm trees, sunburns and coconut tanning oil. Ocean, on the other hand, is salt-spray, beautiful shades of turquoise, and tropical fish. It’s a thin line, but the line is there. (more…)

The Wedding Reception That Went Out with a Bang

wedding-fireworks-chicago-600x400There have been hundreds of Chicago weddings in the last year, but not a single one has used fireworks. Why? Well it’s illegal to buy fireworks in Illinois. Thousands of dollars worth of them are smuggled in from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri each year for the forth of July – but the fines attached to them are so astronomical that only the most reckless souls will actually light them up.


As I child I always loved going into the city to watch the dazzling display of professional skylights overhead. There was something so exhilarating about watching enormous balls of flame burst above me in a spectacle of brilliant light and color. Getting ash in my hair because I sat closest to the front was always an added bonus.


So, I was getting married in two weeks – and we were having our wedding reception in the Chicago suburbs, well (more…)

First Impressions

genoa-man-cooking-chicagoRaphael moved to Chicago from Genoa at the age of 16 and fell in love with American culture. He spent a majority of his youth waiting tables or working at cafés in Italy, and when he moved to the states he found it easy to find a job doing the same kind of work in a small restaurant in Little Italy. In such a place he had all the culture of back home -everyone who worked there spoke Italian – and the grandeur of the United States all wrapped into one. (more…)

Preserving and Storing Your Wedding Dress

And we were dressed from head to toe in love…the only label that never goes out of style. – Carrie Bradshaw

wedding-dress-storing-chicagoYour wedding dress is more than just a dress. Like the rings, the bouquet, and the cake, your gown is a symbol of the love between you and your spouse, an enduring remembrance of the day you said “I Do.” But, even more than that, for a bride, the wedding gown has even greater personal significance – for all brides feel the most beautiful they’ve ever felt on their wedding day. (more…)

Finding the Perfect Plus Size Dress

Having a beautiful, curvaceous body is something to celebrate! Every woman is unique, which is why there are so many varieties and styles of wedding gowns. There really is something for everyone. More and more, new and vintage dress makers are tapping into chicago-wedding-dress-pluss-size

and expanding the plus size market, giving full-figured beauties a whole new range of wedding dress possibilities. (more…)

Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

“Square cut or pear shaped these rocks won’t lose their shape! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” ~ Gentleman Prefer Blondes
perfect-wedding-ring-600x265Every relationship is unique, each story quite different. Sometimes, he proposes to her, other times, she proposes to him! Whatever the circumstances, if you are starting to make wedding preparations, you are probably in the market for a wedding ring. (more…)

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