Best wedding location: Chicago suburbs vs Downtown

You’re making your wedding choices between cake or cupcakes, linens or disposable napkins, roses or lilies – and each decision is bringing you one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make, however, is where to get married. Lucky for you, if you live in, or are planning to tie the knot in, Chicago, the options are endless. First thing is deciding whether to choose a place in the Chicago suburbs or downtown.millenniumpark-chicago-wedding-600-399

Things to Consider

    • • How Many Guests Do I Have?

A wedding venue should be able to accommodate all of your guests comfortably and easily. You don’t want to stick Uncle George in the rafters because there aren’t enough seats – or choose a place that is too big that you lose the intimate and personal feel of a smaller wedding.

  • • What’s My Theme?

If you’re a city girl having a big white wedding, then downtown Chicago with it’s exciting flair of bright lights big city may be the place for you, but if you’re looking for a calmer setting with a more rustic feel, you might want to check out the suburbs.

  • • How far do I want to travel to my reception?

If you’ve already booked a perfect reception venue downtown, then logistically speaking it might be difficult to transport your wedding party if you’re getting married in the suburbs, or vice versa. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t – it’s just something to think about. It’s your wedding day, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Why You Should Get Married Downtown

  1. Because it’s Fabulous

Nestled alongside beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is a world-class city that rivals some of the best wedding destinations on earth. The architecture is virtually unparalleled in the United States, with modern accents intermingling with the best parts of the twentieth century. In such a classy and stylish destination, you can’t go wrong.

2. It’s Convenient

If you have friends and family traveling in from all over the country to come to your wedding, then choosing a place downtown in the central hub will be easy to navigate. Plus, if your guests want to sightsee during the trip, they’ll already be in the center of everything.

  1. Options

Like many major metropolitan areas, an urban wedding gives you options. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous cathedral or a trendy banquet hall, you’re sure to find it in the city.

Why You Should Get Married in the Suburbs

  1. Less Expensive

Downtown Chicago may have all the glitz and glamor, but it also comes with a big price tag. Fortunately, getting married in the suburbs allows you the beauty and character of a Chicago wedding, without straining your wallet.Chicago-Suburbs-Wedding-600x399

  1. More Flexibility

Getting married in the city sometimes comes with a waiting list. By choosing to have the ceremony in the suburbs, it will give you more freedom to pick the date that you’re happy with, as opposed to being stuck with something that won’t work as well for your guests.

  1. Better Fit for Intimate Settings

If the wedding you’ve always dreamed of is a quiet ceremony in a beautiful setting with you, your spouse-to-be, and a select group of people you love, then nothing beats the tranquility of the suburbs.

Whether you decide to tie the knot downtown or in the suburbs, Chicago has a wealth of options to choose from – and undoubtedly one of them will be perfect for you. Once you know what you’re looking for, narrowing down the choices become much easier.


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