Couple married on a rooftop

Jenny and wedding-on-the-roof-2013Alex were married on a rooftop in midsummer, the dazzling skyline of the Windy City set the stage for this luxurious wedding venue. Jenny’s father, a woodworker, had built a beautiful wedding canopy for them, and beneath the couple had read their wedding vows. It was an intimate event, only 30 people filled the seats around them.A four piece quartet was stationed off center, serenading the newlyweds with dulcet tones and summer strings. Jenny wore a garland of flowers in her hair, and her dress was not the typical wedding gown – it was much lighter, made for summer, and it gave her the appearance of a sprite wandering through a sylvan glade. The girl barely weighed a hundred pounds, many of the guests secretly thought that if a gust of wind blew strong enough, she would go flying off the roof. Alex sort of thought this as well, and continued to hold her arm throughout the ceremony.

Conveniently, the hall they had chosen was just a few blocks away in the same neighborhood. When they were looking for wedding locations, one of the thoughts they had was to ensure that the wedding and the reception would be in close proximity to each other. When they found this venue they were ecstatic, they never believed things would work out quite as well as they did.

In spite of the wedding’s city backdrop, the reception was themed in an entirely different light. Jenny had grown up in Hawaii, and wanted to integrate this culture into her wedding reception. So, the banquet hall was decorated like a luau, complete with tiki bar, lush bird of paradise flower arrangements, and hula dancers as entertainment.

The banquet also featured a remarkable food spread with an enormous array of fruits spread out on banana leaves. In the very center of the grand table was a roasted pig – a sight that would terrify most vegetarians – with the ubiquitous apple in its mouth. Just like the rest of the guests, the pig was sporting a lei, which was both comical and theme-appropriate.

When the couple entered the banquet hall the festivities began. Everybody was given a garland of flowers and the music was played loud. A variety of delicious beverages were served in coconuts from the tiki bar, with the necessary garnish of orange wedge and tiny umbrella. Within half an hour everybody was dancing and eating and having the best of times.

The entertainment began about an hour later to the great delight of the wedding party. Tahitian hula dancers in handmade grass skirts danced expertly around the floor. Then, as a surprise to everyone but the groom, who had arranged for this last minute addition, a fire spinner began a spectacle of lights in the small space that wowed everyone. Luckily, the ceilings were vaulted high enough that the excess smoke didn’t set off the fire alarms. But the show was magnificent, and Jenny was beyond words.

It was everything she had wished for, and then some. It was like Polynesia had come to Buffalo Grove.


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