The Wedding Clichés: A Few I Can’t Stand and One I Can’t Help but Love

We don’t live in a cookie cutter world, so what I don’t understand is why everyone insists on having a cookie cutter wedding? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – it’s something boring! Why have a boring wedding in the name of tradition? There’s no fun in that. I’d rather be original, or at least as original as possible, and not indulge myself in the worst wedding clichés in human history.


1)  Reading Corinthians


There must be another verse in the Bible that talks about love, right? (more…)

Dealing with Bridesmaid-zilla

You’ve all heard the tale of Bridezilla, right? The bride-to-be who is so manic, micromanaging, and stressed out that she becomes a nightmare to her friends, family, and sadly her spouse-to-be? Yes, we’ve all seen it – and it’s just pitiful. I vowed to myself that when the time came for me to wear the white dress, even if I couldn’t manage to be cool, calm, and collected, at the very least I would be nice!


Little did I know that it wouldn’t be me who would try to make a mess of my wedding, but one of my bridesmaids.


Jamie K. was my best friend in Chicago when (more…)

A Blessing Beneath the Chuppah

Many people ask me why I decided to convert to Judaism especially when I was raised by atheist parents in Chicago, Illinois – but when I tell them about Jacob, they tend to understand. He is the kindest most sincerest of men – soft-spoken, peaceful – and very much in love with me. Although we rode the same bus every morning for three years, because we worked in the same area of town, it took him the full time to ever begin talking to me at all. I’ll never forget his first uncertain words to me. He said. “Miss, for a long time I have struggled to say hello to you, but with each passing day it becomes clearer that someday I may not have the opportunity. So before I miss out – hello, my name is Jacob. What’s your name?” (more…)

“I Thought You’d Never Ask”

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to thing that a single day can be so significant. Like all the other days before this day seem to pale when compared to it – and you know that all that days after it will be different. They’ll be different because of the inescapable fact that your life has changed forever. Instead of being one person with one heart and two souls, you become two people sharing the same heart and forming a bond between your souls. You can’t go through something of this magnitude and expect to go on living as before – love does change you, and marriage alters your entire world. (more…)

A Bark of Approval – Dogs in Weddings

A Bark of Approval – Dogs in Weddings

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There are three things I know to be irrefutably true: (1) I am getting married in September, (2) a morning without coffee is a terribly sad one, and (3) dogs are better than cats. You have every right to disagree with me, but this is my list – a rather short one – but no matter how much you may try to convince me otherwise, I will continue to stand my ground.


Before I met Steven, I only had one love in my life – my dogs. I’ve grown up with these four legged friends, and there’s never been a time in my life where I haven’t had at least two in the house. I also foster a Chicago nonprofit, so many times there’s a third one to keep me company on cold nights. Right now I have two: Bonnie and Samson. Bonnie is a border collie and Samson is a terrier-meets-collie-meets-nobody has a clue. (more…)

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