Shopping for a Banquet Facility or Wedding Reception Hall

Not everyone can afford an elaborate and expensive dream wedding but one can always maximize what they have into creating a day to remember. One of the most crucial parts of a wedding is the wedding reception. The reception is where everybody can relax and just celebrate the union of two people. This is the reason why your choice of reception site is an important aspect of the entire event planning.

Some people want their reception outdoors which can be very romantic and wonderful, but an unpredictable weather could ruin everything. This is probably why a wedding planner would recommend using an events hall or a banquet facility for the party. If you do decide on having the reception indoors, in a banquet hall or reception hall, you should have a checklist of the things to consider when shopping for the wedding place.

The size of the reception hall should be your first concern. There are plenty of convention centers and banquet rooms around Chicago Suburbs, and you can easily find them through the internet. You can find their specifications and the wedding services that come along with the place. Some of the questions you can ask the wedding site are: (1) Can the facility comfortably accommodate the size wedding and number of guests you are planning? (2) Does it have handicap access? (3) Does the banquet room have air conditioning? (4) Is there a room available for the bride to use during the reception to change clothes or just freshen up? (5) Can you have your ceremony in the wedding reception venue and how and where will it be? (6) What is the cost for setting up the ceremony seating?

These considerations are aimed at making you and your guests as comfortable as possible so before making a decision, you have to make sure that the answers to these questions are up to your standards for the event.

Another concern for most reception wedding venues is the decor of the facility. Most banquet halls come with decor packages. Ask to see pictures of the banquet facility as it would be set up for a wedding reception. Make sure that if there are certain decorations that you see now and like, that they will still be available on your wedding date. Ask if they are doing any remodeling or redecorating from now until your wedding day. You don’t want any construction going on during your reception.

Convention centers and reception halls also charge by the hour so shopping for affordable rates can go a long way. Don’t commit to one venue immediately unless you’ve done all the research you need. Ask how many hours you will have for your reception. Some banquet facilities will give you four hours and charge you additionally, about $500, for every additional hour. To avoid any mishaps, ask about the deposit, how much and when the balance is due?

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